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Save 98% on International calls

YaptelYou don’t need a smartphone to benefit from our incredibly low international call rates. With Yaptel, you can use any landline or mobile phone to make your calls and save up to 95% on your phone bill. It’s easy to use, there are no pins, and hidden fees- enjoy the best voice quality and reliable connections.

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Use Yaptel from any Phone -Smartphone, mobile or landline

You can make free and cheap international calls from any Smartphone, mobile or landline with Yaptel. You don't have to own a Smartphone to benefit from Yaptel's super low international call rates! Yaptel for Smartphones, landlines and mobiles gives you:

  • Cheap international calls to anywhere in the world
  • Calls from ANYWHERE in the world


How to start calling:

  • Sign up nowSign up and We'll give you a $5 or €5 BONUS for signing up.
  • From a Smartphone: Download the FREE iPhone app or Android app, and make an international call
  • From any mobile or landline : You dial a local access number or toll free number, and make a call

How it works

It's simple, and it's really cheap. When you sign up we will email you an Account number and PIN (with a $5 or €5 Bonus).

  1. Use as a PINLESS calling card to avoid having to enter a PIN each time you make a call. 
  2. FREE Yaptel app for iPhone or Android and make calls dial directly from the app. Use our existing contact list.
  3. FREE calls between Yaptel users.
  4. Verizon call quality. 100% Guarantee (We ensure you get the minutes you pay for).

Download Yaptel Smartphone User Guide, Yaptel Regular phone User Guide


If you have a Smartphone or tablet, you can download the FREE Yaptel app for android or iPhone. Then, make cheap calls using your WiFi or GSM Connection*.

YAPTEL app users can make FREE calls anytime to each other.

  • Simple to Use
  • NO PINS or Access numbers to dial
  • Import your existing Contact List
  • Free calls to other YAPTEL users
  • Use anywhere in the World
  • Save on Mobile roaming charges

*Please check with your provider for mobile data or GSM data charges.

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Call Rates

Please note: This is what Yaptel will charge for the call. If calling from a Smartphone, or mobile please check to see if your mobile operator levies charges for using data if you are not using WiFi ,  or for calling local or toll free numbers, or while roaming in another country.

Free calls to other Yaptel App Phone users

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Access Numbers

If you want to use Yaptel from a regular phone, a landline, mobile or payphone. Please see the access numbers below.

You simply dial the access number from any phone, and dial your international country.


Contact Us


Contact Info

YaptelPhone: + 353 53 9126860
Fax: +353 53 9126857
E-mail: sales@yaptel.com

Yaptel, Skytel Networks Ltd
M2 McConnell Business Hall, Wexford Enterprise Centre,
Kerlogue Industrial Park, Wexford, Ireland

USA (Toll Free)USA (Toll Free): 1 866 865 9296 UK (Freephone)UK (Freephone): 0800 901 2994





How does Yaptel work? Yaptel allows you to make really, really low costs calls from any phone, from anywhere in Ireland. Yaptel works from any type of phone (iphone/android smartphone, landline, mobile etc).  You simply prepay for credit, and as you make calls the balance reduces. You can recharge 24 x7 at www.yaptel.com. Calls are FREE between Yaptel callers when using smartphones. 

If you register your phone number on sign up, you dont have to enter any PINS or account numbers. It's so easy you wont believe it.


Is YAPTEL Free? Yaptel is free to use between YAPTEL app users. If you call someone that is not a Yaptel user, example, someone on a landline or mobile, you have to pay to call them but it's cheap. See our rates page.

Does Yaptel require a contract? No. For calls to non Yaptel app users there is a charge. See our rates page. You can prepay in euros or dollars.

Can I make Yaptel calls right away? Yes, as soon as you have your account details, an account number and password. You can make calls!


Will I get a bill in the mail? No, you prepay for your minutes via the website. If you choose to pay via credit card, you will obviously receive a bill from your credit card company, but you will never receive a bill from Yaptel.

What are the Yaptel rates? Check out the current rates on our Rates page.

Can I get an Incoming number? Yes, for a small fee per month, deducted from your prepaid balance, you can get a fixed line number from any country. This will allow people to call you cheaply on your mobile. Email us support@yaptel.com to request a number in a country.


The location I am calling has a "Mobile" rate listed on the Rates page. What does that mean? Because there are often different companies that provide landline vs. cellular service, the rates for those calls being received are set by the individual carriers.

Are the rates higher if I call TO a mobile or cellular phone? Sometimes it costs more to call mobiles, for example, it normally costs more to call European mobiles than landlines.

I do not see the city I am calling listed on the Rates page. What rate will I be charged? If not listed separately, your cost will be the same as the basic country rate.


Where can I use Yaptel ? You can use Yaptel in ANY country in the world.

Are there any additional charges? If you want a dedicated Yaptel number in a particular country, or you want voicemail capabilities on your Yaptel number, there is a small monthly fee (starting at $1 / month for each service).

How do I add funds to my Yaptel account? The quickest and easiest way is to log in to your account.


Does my Yaptel account have an expiration date for the money I add? No, your credit will never expire.

How often do Yaptel calling rates change? Not too often, generally once a month (if even that).

Is there a Yaptel app that I can use on my smartphone? Yes you can get our YAPTEL App for Free from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android. You can use any third party softphone you like.


Is Yaptel available for businesses? Whether at work or home, you can use Yaptel. Making Calls With Yaptel.

Can I use my Yaptel account from any phone? Yes, you can use it on your smartphone if you have installed the mobile app (Available for iOS and Android). Alternatively, you can use the Offline Access feature by calling one of your local access numbers. For a list of your local access numbers, please see access numbers.

How do I make a call from my cell phone with Yaptel? Download an APP for Free if you have a Smartphone or use our access numbers from a mobile phone or landline.


How do I make a call from my landline phone with Yaptel? Dial your local access number and simply enter your account number and the phone number of the person you are calling.

My international call will not connect. What should I do? For technical concerns, comments, or suggestions: support@yaptel.com

How do I make multiple calls without having to hang up my phone? Press ** to make a follow on call.


Am I going to need a local access number? Only if you dial from a landline or mobile phone that is not connected to the internet or running a Yaptel app. For a list of your local access numbers, please log in.

I would like to make an international call TO a mobile phone. Will the person I call incur any additional charges? Charges that may be incurred by the people you call are not treated any different because you are dialing using your Yaptel account.

How do I retrieve my Yaptel account details? If you did not receive your Yaptel account and password, email with your full details.


Can I use Yaptel to make calls while I am outside of the U.S.? Yes, if your smartphone is compatible with the local countries network. If not, you can still make calls by either using a WiFi connection or an international local access number. Please note that you may incur roaming charges from your wireless provider if you are making calls internationally via 3G/4G (this applies for calls made with the smartphone app, and those to local access numbers). We strongly recommend using a WiFi connection.

How do I make Free calls ? This applies to smartphone users, simply dial the other persons account number from your app.


How do I contact Yaptel Customer Service? For billing concerns: sales@Yaptel.com
For technical concerns, comments, or suggestions: support@yaptel.com

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